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Raspertec (PTY) Ltd was established through Unique, Novel and Innovative thinking.

Our Members and Engineering Personal have 24 years of Industrial Automation experience.

We have built strong relationships with major players in the Rubber Industry such as:    Bridgestone, Continental Tire, Contitech, Dunlop, Goodyear and Veyance.


We have partnered with major suppliers Worldwide: Nidec – Control Techniques, Chemvulc, ESA, Leroy Somer, Motive Power Transmissions, Sick, Stegmann, Turk, Banner and many more to ensure a far reaching customer support system through-out the World.

“Should the Technology allow for it, Achieve Drive-Through Retreading by 2030”



In an Ever Evolving Industrial World, demands for constant improvements in Accuracy, Speed, Reliability and Safety, has become a Priority. Tire Recycling through Retreading is still the preferred method for Transport Fleets. Tire Retreading has changed over the last 20 years. Higher volume at lower cost have become the Key to remain Profitable regardless of cheaper tire imports.

We can offer retread method solutions for: Cold or Hot, Pre-Cured or Ring Tread. All our machines are“4th Industrial Revolution (IoT)” Ready. 

Therefor permanent internet connectivity for machine monitoring, early warning, online fault finding, technical support, software updates or sharing of the entire Tire Database World Wide.

We are passionate about our products, customer support, research and development, new additional stand-alone Retread Equipment. This includes Automated: Inspection Station, Bar Code Register Queuing System, In-Feed Conveyor to Main Buffing Machine, Repair Station, Pre-Cured Tread Server, Ring Tread or Cap-Strip Applicator, Take-Away Conveyor and Vacuum Equipment.


Our mission is to supply our customers with a fully automated production station where we can replace the above mentioned, “Five Sequential Operation Stages” with a single unmanned completely automated machine. Our systems are modular and can be expanded from the Main Buffing Machine - Outwards.


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